Upcoming Event: ALA Fight for Air Climb

If you ever dreamed of climbing 40 floors, or about 880 steps for a good cause, now is your chance. The America Lung Association (ALA) Fight for Air Climb, scheduled for March 5 at Rhodes Tower in Columbus, is one of many events across the nation designed to raise awareness of lung disease. Climbers can choose to do extreme and ultimate climbs by running or walking the tower. Funds raised from the event will support the ALA’s research, education and advocacy efforts aimed at finding new treatments and cures for lung diseases, such as lung cancer and asthma.

An estimated 9,760 people are expected to be diagnosed with lung cancer in Ohio in 2014, according to the American Cancer Society. If you or a loved one has faced lung disease, take the opportunity to get involved and support the “fight for air.”

For additional information, including a link to the registration page, visit the ALA Fight for Air Climb webpage.

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